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" I could write an entire essay on the ways Heart Lake Australian Shepherds prove themselves to be the most outstanding dog breeders. Crystalee raises the pups from day one in a safe space of love, care and consideration. She socializes them to sounds, smells, other animals and experiences in order to make sure the puppies are confident, outgoing and well socialized. Crystalee included us in our puppy’s development over the first 8 weeks, which was such a wonderful experience to be included in. We did not realize how important the breeder was to the successful upbringing of one’s dog, until we experienced the outcome of a devoted breeder. Our first puppy was extremely nervous and required extensive training in order to socialize him to people, experiences and other dogs. It was a difficult process that showed us how vital the first 8 weeks of a puppy’s life are, proving the importance of supporting the right breeder. Our puppy from Heart Lake was undoubtedly raised in a beautiful, compassionate, and safe environment. He is confident, kind and can even sleep underneath a chop saw (tried and tested!) without discomfort! It is clear to us that Crystalee devoted attention, love and care to all the puppies for their first 8 weeks of life. We are incredibly grateful to Heart Lake and owe so much of our dog’s beautiful personality to them. "

Marshall, Previously Sam Eagle.

Gracie x Pippin, The Muppets Litter, '22

"Miss Piggy, now Aio, has joined us on Vancouver Island.

Crystalee’s communication was excellent throughout the process. Aio was transported in person, right to the ferry terminal which was greatly appreciated. She arrived clean, healthy and full of energy, along with a jam packed puppy bag full of all sorts of information and useful puppy goodies. As we got to know Aio, you could see that some amazing foundations had been laid with crate training, potty training, early socialization and desensitization. Aio was held for a sporting home, and Crystalee couldn’t have been more accurate. Her drive and engagement at an early age is fantastic, we are very excited to see what she can achieve!


Heart Lake’s Eye of the Storm ‘Aio’

Gracie x Pippin, The Muppets Litter, ‘22

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